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Thank you for your interest in the Saskatoon Household Travel Survey. The survey administration period is now complete. Please feel free to contact the project team should you have any questions regarding your survey data. For those who participated, thank you! The survey results will be used to help plan Saskatoon's transportation system, and will be published when available.

2023 Saskatoon Household Travel Survey

The 2023 Saskatoon Household Travel Survey gathers essential travel information on the daily travel choices of residents of the City of Saskatoon. This survey will provide critical information for making future decisions about the City's transportation system. Your participation will be an important contribution to improve transportation for your community and your city.

If you have received an invitation to complete the survey, please log in with your secure access code or phone us at 1-866-229-0208 (toll-free) to complete the survey and help shape your community's transportation future!

If you are a University of Saskatchewan student that received an email invitation to complete the survey, please follow the link provided to you in the email.

Prizes & Incentives

By participating, you will have contributed to a vitally important study that will help shape the transportation system in your community for years to come.

To thank you for your time, you are eligible for some great prizes or a direct incentive:

  • If you received an invitation in the mail, you could could win one of two $500 cash prizes or one of eighty $50 gift cards.
  • If you received an invitation to participate while on board a Saskatoon Transit bus, you are eligible for a $10 e-gift card as a thank you for completing the survey.
  • If you received an email invitation from the University of Saskatchewan, you could win one of two $500 cash prizes or one of twenty $50 gift cards.

The survey team is dedicated to protecting the privacy of its participants. Click here for more information: Privacy Statement.

Participant Inquiries and General Inquiries:

1-866-229-0208 (toll-free)